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Era Genext Recycling Solutions Private Limited

A Social Enterprise



To influence, evolve and contribute towards India’s recycling ecosystem of e products through environmentally responsible, sustainable, efficient technologies and methods in social enterprise format focused through community collaboration, partnership and gainful cooperation in e-waste circular economy.


To be leaders in India’s environment Industry and Promote – Refuse, Reuse and Recycle:
  • Support & Promote the idea of Refuse in different stakeholders (Indian industry, institutions and individuals) and encourage them to avoid buying New e products
  • Provide services to Maintain, Prolong Life of existing e products & promote Reuse idea through up grade options
  • Create an infrastructure & education on Refurbishing, Remanufacturing & Recycling towards EPR compliance and bridging the digital divide among excluded communities
  • Further create e – waste management infra for Material Recovery & Redistribution of residual usable parts of e products